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GT2 Timing Belt Pulley

GT2 Timing Belt Pulley
We are the professional manufacturer for synchronous belt wheel and synchronous belt, it is no doubt
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Product Details

Product Description:

Sanmin Gears GT2 timing belt pulley provides you with much more precision and anti-backlash properties than other non round tooth profile timing pulleys. The GT2 timing belt pulley Sanmin Gears machine can be used with 6mm and 6.35mm width GT2 belt. It's also a good choice for all kinds of machines,such as printing and packaging equipment, laser engraving equipment, communication machinery, medical machinery, steel machinery, petrochemical, instrumentation and various precision machine tools.


  • Accurate transmission, no slippage during operation, constant transmission ratio

  • Smooth transmission, buffering, vibration damping, low noise

  • High transmission efficiency and obvious energy saving effect

  • Easy maintenance, no lubrication, low maintenance costs

  • Large power transmission range, from several watts to several hundred kilowatts

  • Can be used for long distance transmission

  • Can work normally in places with harsh working conditions

Product Details:

GT2 50 Tooth Timing Pulley

Pitch: 2mm

Shaft: 5mm, 6.35mm or 8mm Bore

Gear Width: for 6mm or 6.35mm GT2 belt.


GT2 60 Tooth Timing Pulley

Pitch: 2mm 

Shaft:5mm, 6.35mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm Bore 

Gear Width: for 6mm or 6.35mm open ended or closed-loop GT2 belt.


Timing Pulley Coupling 2GT 40 Tooth



Tooth Number: 40 6mm or 9mm wide belt pulley


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