Ningbo san min gears GT2 Pulley & Belt We are the professional manufacturer for synchronous belt pulley & Idler pulley and synchronous belt,
We can produce the high demands and ordinary GT2 pulley, the high quality of the pulley we produced, large quantities of concentricity ( also called Radial Run-of degrees) can be within 0.03mm.
We produced the high quality timing belt for 3D printer. The rubber timing belt and PU timing belt that used the materials can be up to the standard of Europe ROSH. GT2 timing belt is widely used in the desktop 3D printer.

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Ningbo san min gears We have the capacity to supply the gear of 0.3-10module, outside diameter less than 1000mm,small precision gears, gear shaft,worm ,worm gear, timing pulley ,timing belts. Most complete specifications of the chain and spocket and cnc machinery precision parts.